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When you have submitted your application for Inem courses, Sepecam courses, SOC courses, UGT courses or Inaem courses, the National Employment System is in charge of setting the criteria to allocate all vacancies through public calls.

Keep in mind that the Inem courses are sold out very quickly, due to the high demand that exists, especially in the Inem courses in Barcelona or Madrid, if you want to ensure that you will not be left without training, you can contact the approved entity that is going to do the course in your city, and thus request the vacancy.

In the case that you are a student through the inem courses and you have not shown up more than 3 times to the classes without justification or without a justified cause within the term of the teaching period, the approved center reserves the right to assign the same place to another student who knows how to take advantage of it (when more than 40% of the teaching hours have been exceeded).

If the employee or student who is taking the course requests a change of address during the course period, it is the same student or employee who has to proceed with the paper application (it is not assured that there are places available in another approved center in the locality where you want to continue taking the course).

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The whole process of processing ERTE benefits has been complicated and there are workers who are receiving payments that do not correspond to them, especially because they have already returned to work and their benefits should have been cancelled.

Do not make any refund until you have received this official communication from the SEPE, because if you advance the payment, it is possible that the SEPE does not assign it correctly to your file, or that the amount is not correctly calculated.

REMEMBER: It is very important that when the payment is made to the SEPE’s bank account, you MUST INDICATE IN THE «REFERENCE» SECTION the data of the worker who is making the payment, so that the SEPE can locate who is making the refund of the undue payments.

«If he/she does not agree with the above, he/she will have to make in writing, before the Provincial Directorate of the State Employment Service, the allegations which he/she understands to be in accordance with his/her rights, within 10 days, in accordance with Article 33.1) of Royal Decree 625/1985, April 2nd.    Once this period has elapsed, the corresponding resolution will be issued».

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We are receiving several complaints from you indicating that you have not received the benefit correctly from the SEPE. To solve it, we have created a guide on our website to tell you the steps to follow in order to solve them.

The first thing to take into account is that the SEPE has communicated that, in order to speed up the payment of benefits to the workers affected by the ERTE, they are going to make the complete payment of the data that the company notifies them at first. That is to say, if at the beginning you were in the ERTE from April 13 to April 30, you will receive the income from the SEPE corresponding to that entire period, even if at the end you have only been in the ERTE for a few days. Once the state of alarm has ended, the corresponding regularizations will be made and the SEPE will request the corresponding refund, although it is not yet known how these regularizations will be made.

Sepe electronic

We are going to start with the process to sign up for the electronic notifications, so that you tell the SEPE Electronic Headquarters that you want to receive them and the e-mail address to which you want to receive the notices. Then, we will tell you how to consult in the web these notifications, including the ones you have received in the past.

The first thing you have to do is to enter the SEPE’s Electronic Headquarters website, whose URL address is Once inside, look in the right-hand column and click on the Electronic Notifications option. You will also find the option in the Electronic Procedures and Services section, when you click on People.

Within the Electronic Notifications page you will find two options, the one with the same name and the one to subscribe to notifications. Click on the option Subscribe to electronic notifications (Census) to start the subscription process to start receiving them.

You will be taken to a page explaining what you are about to do, which is to subscribe to receive electronic notifications. You will also be told that you will be able to unsubscribe at any time. After reading it, click on the Continue button to proceed.